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From Melbourne to London with love

From Melbourne to London with love

Hey there, golf enthusiasts!

Guess what? Casual Pro, has made a bold move from the sunny shores of Melbourne, Australia, to the historic streets of London, UK. Yep, we've swapped the laidback Aussie vibes for the traditional charm of the UK, and we couldn't be more excited about it!

Now, let's talk about the difference in golf culture. Down Under in Australia, and even over in the US, golf is all about kicking back and having a blast. We're talking less fuss about dress codes and more focus on the sheer fun of the game. This relaxed mentality has paved the way for brands like us to come up with fresh, innovative designs. From quirky golf T-shirts to casual golf caps, we've got you covered in style.

But hold on to your putters, because things are a bit more buttoned-up in the UK. There, tradition still holds sway, and golfers tend to stick to more formal attire. Established brands rule the roost, catering to the serious and traditional crowd.

But fear not! Even in the land of his Majesty, Casual Pro is on a mission to inject some much-needed fun into golf fashion. Our goal? To keep the laughs rolling and the spirits high, no matter how serious the course may seem.

We firmly believe that a good sense of humor can beat even the gloomiest English weather.

So whether you're teeing off in Melbourne or putting in London, embrace the fun side of golf with Casual Pro's vibrant and stylish apparel. Let's spread joy and laughter across the UK golfing community, one fun golf T-shirt at a time!

Stay casual, stay awesome.

The Casual Pro team

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