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Leisure hat photo at Roland Garros

First time at Roland Garros 2024

Experiencing Roland Garros for the first time was nothing short of incredible. I had the chance to witness Jannik Sinner go head-to-head with Grigor Dimitrov in the quarter-finals, and the match was thrilling from start to finish. The tournament itself exudes class and sophistication, beautifully organized and living up to its stellar reputation.

The Clay Court Revelation

Having previously attended the Australian Open and the US Open, this was my first time watching high-level tennis played on clay. The speed difference compared to hard courts was striking and added a new dimension to the game. Roland Garros felt much more intimate than the other Grand Slams, with its smaller size and beautiful setting in central Paris creating a unique and charming atmosphere.

Chic and Elegance

Roland Garros stands out for its chic vibe, which adds an extra layer of elegance to the experience. Every time I attend a professional tennis match, I'm always amazed at how captivating the sport is. Sitting for four hours without losing interest is a testament to the beauty of tennis.

Unforgettable Moments

There were some unforgettable moments this year that added to the excitement. Carlos Alcaraz entertained the crowd with his charismatic conduct on the court, while Gael Monfils, ever the showman, thrilled fans with his impressive first-round victory despite his health issues. The energy and support from the French crowd were palpable, especially during night sessions under the lights. This occasion was also the perfect occasion to bring our Leisure hat with us from which we've received tons of great comments!

Looking Forward to Wimbledon

As my Roland Garros experience comes to an end, I’m super excited for Wimbledon to begin. I hope to get the chance to check out this temple of tennis this year and add another unforgettable experience to my Grand Slam journey.

Attending Roland Garros has deepened my appreciation for tennis and the unique atmosphere each tournament brings. I can't wait to see what Wimbledon has in store!

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